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* Tom Randel
   Cessna Owners Organization
   Technical Support

"Thanks for the sound advice Bob.  I hope people contact you for advice and business.
i will continue to send people to you, as I believe that you are truly trying to help them instead of selling them something they don't need.  From what I've seen, you present all the available options with prices, give the pros and cons of each and let the owner make the decision."

*   Frank Gulla
     Piper Arrow IV
     The Villages, FL

" Thanks Bob for your comprehensive report on upgrading my avionics panel.

You provided an assessment of my instrument panel and described the pros and cons of each component I was thinking about installing.  I appreciated you looking for compatibility of newer components with what I already had in my airplane to save money.  I hope to incorporate all your recommendations at some time in the near future.  You are a terrific aviation resource!  Keep up the great work and keep writing those very informative articles."

*   Kevin H.
     PA28-181 Archer III
     Safeflight LLC
     New Jersey  3/17

"Bob helped clarify my avionics needs. I needed an honest, unbiased opinion from someone knowledgeable with this stuff and he fulfilled that role and he helped me stay close to my budget. I ended up with better equipment for less money. I'm not exaggerating when I say I spent a couple hundred with Bob and saved a couple thousand. I also have the peace of mind that I made good decisions based on his advice. "     Kevin H.   Safe Flight LLC   New Jersey  3/17

*   Ray Eaker
    Cherokee 140
    Volo Aero, LLC
     Savannah, GA

"As a new owner of a 1966 Piper Cherokee 140, Bob provided sound advice on the options to upgrade my panel for IFR flight.  He understood my airplane's existing equipment potential, market value and capabilities.  His suggestions for the upgrade made sense for my budget and the value of my Cherokee.  Bob's knowledge, experience and connections in the avionics field are exceptional and trustworthy!"

*  Randy Hendrickson
    Parts Manager-Purchasing
    Neptune Aviation Services, Misoula Montana

"Neptune Aviation has been a leader in Aerial Wildland Firefighting for over 20 years. 
When the call comes in, our aircraft must respond.  Bob Hart has been an asset to our
avionics department for many years and has played a role in keeping our aircraft in the air and our flight crews in communication" 

*  Tim Myers
     PA-28R-201 Arrow II
     Dayton, Ohio

"Bob has been a resource for me for the last few years.  I contact him with lots of questions and he never fails to give me a prompt and well thought out answer.  Recently,
he found a replacement com radio for me from another dealer in TX.  He advised me how to change out the radio and the correct logbook entry as aircraft owner.  I count on Bob to help me make the right decisions when it comes to avionics."

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