Avionics Help

My Name is ... Bob Hart 

     and you can say that I've been a bit of an "Airplane Nut" for most of my life

* I owned my first Airplane, A Piper Colt at Age 23 ...
    That's only because I discovered "Girls" at 15 and they slowed me down!

*  I've owned Six Aircraft total in 40 Years of Flying;
     (Colt, Stinson 108-2, Cherokee 140, Cherokee 6, Grumman & Baby Ace)

*  At one time, I had $10,000 in Radio Controlled Airplanes!     

*  My "Garage Band's" name (1970) was "RYAN"  (after the Spirit of St. Louis)

            Photo Top Left;  My "Ryan" STA at the Royal Palm Scale Meet, Sarasota, FL
                     Top Right;  M
y son Luis and Me at NGC Avionica   Bogota, Colombia

                That's WHY I got into aviation and AVIONICS
                         and WHY I provide ...

     Avionics Advice for Legacy Aircraft Owners
                  THAT SAVES YOU MONEY!

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