Avionics Help

    Avionics Advice for Legacy Aircraft Owners
                  THAT SAVES YOU MONEY!

      Independent Avionics Advice ...  (before you Buy!)

                        (That's a B-52 Panel above).  I can't Help you there!!   BUT ...

            I'm BOB HART and If you OWN and FLY a "Legacy" aircraft,
                 I "Specialize" in helping 
Aircraft Owners, just like YOU 

                         Do ... 
Affordable Avionics Upgrades!

      I have the Knowledge, Resources and "Friends"
                               in the Avionics Business to ...

         *  Advise you on the right Avionics Solution

      *  Find you the "Fair" Price! (lowest is not always the answer!)

*  Hook you up with a Quality Avionics Vendor ...
         Who will stand behind your Purchase
(I do not sell equipment!)

      This Service @ $75 per hour
                  (typically 3-5 hours)
                                            Note:  This service is designed for replacement equipment or simple upgrades 1-2 units)
                                                   where and installation facility is available to you or if you're a "Do It Yourselfer" 

I'll help you make the right decision and save you money!

    Simply send me an email and tell me what your are trying to do!

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