Avionics Help

Panel Re-Design and Installation Quotation

This is for the Pilot that is considering a "Major" Panel upgrade including:

  *  Replacement of most existing Avionics
*  EFIS Equipment or a design change requiring a New Panel

A successful Panel Upgrade project includes: 

* A "healthy discussion of your Flying "style", and
your plans, short and long term, for the aircraft

* A hard look at existing equipment and their potential "role"

* Knowledge of your New Avionics options and your Budget

* A "Fair" installation Quote and a "Quality" Installation

     I BOB HART will be your "Panel Partner"      
* You'll get ... the Knowledge, Independent Advice and
   "Straight Talk" from a confirmed source (see my references) in ...
                 A concise, written
"Avionics Report & Recommendation"
* Plus ... if your require:  Three Installation Quotations from
                     Quality, Vetted Avionics Shops in your vicinity 

      To accomplish this ...

                            I will typically need ...
          about Seven to Ten hours @ 75 per ($525-$750)

Avionics Advice for Legacy Aircraft Owners
                  THAT SAVES YOU MONEY!

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