Avionics Help

My Partners ...
North America:
* APG Eastern Avionics, Punta Gorda, Florida
    You may know them better as Eastern Avionics.  APG has been a major player
    with every Avionics Manufacturer for many years and they have a great
    Installation Facility.  An excellent Installation choice for pilots in the Southeast
    US and South America.  Excellent custom panel work!

Bennett Avionics,
 East Granby, Connecticut
      Harley Bennett and his staff are a great source for "Legacy" Avionics.  I've 
     known Harley for over 25 years when he first worked on my Cherokee Six.  
     I know him as an honest, reliable choice 
for quality, used Avionics.         

*  Georgetown Instruments, Taylor, Texas 
      I've been using Efrain Lopez and his Company for Instrument Repairs and 
     Exchanges for years.   Georgetown's repair and overhaul prices are competitive
     and the work is Quality.

South America:

*  Age Service,
Santiago Chile
Cristobal Adasme and I have been doing Avionics Business for a number of
years.   He has a level of technical knowledge and experience that is not often found in South America.  The panel above is a recent "major" upgrade 
in a Cessna T303 Crusader completed by Age Service.  Good stuff!


*   Aircare Avionics ,  Nairobi Kenya
Aircare Avionics is the Garmin Authorized Dealer in Nairobi.  I've been working with
them for a few years.  They offer a complete Repair, Installation and Troubleshooting
facility with a "new" emphasis on Autopilot Repair.  You can "trust" Aircare Avionics.