Avionics Help

   The "Bigger" the Project ... the more I need to Know!                        

About You ...

*  Do you fly for "Fun" or fly for "Business" or in-between?
                         Fun means see and avoid and nice weather
                         Business means "get to the appointment" and sometimes Weather

*  How do you Fly?  VFR only, Light, Medium or "Hard" IFR?
                         Where are you now ...where will you be in 2 years

How and Why you "FLY" speaks to the level of redundancy and
    sophistication required in your avionics panel.   You want an aircraft
    that has slightly more capability than you are as a Pilot! 

About your Aircraft ...
*  Is this your First Aircraft or your Last?
Is it a stepping stone to your "Dream" Aircraft or ...
  The last aircraft you plan to own 

*  What's "your" priorities for a Panel Upgrade? (what's missing?)
                          Autopilot, Weather, EFIS, Entertainment and , or Safety or Comfort

If you plan to keep the aircraft for 10 years and it meets your needs in speed, capacity, and "style ... you can justify spending the money to make it "yours".   If you plan to trade-up in a few years and therefore, "resale value"
and "sell-ability" matter, a more conservative approach is wise.

You and I ...
       "Need" to know the answers to these Questions if ...
                         we want to "Get it Right"!
Why don't Avionic's Shops ask these questions?

     Avionics Advice for Legacy Aircraft Owners
                  THAT SAVES YOU MONEY!
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